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Mississippi State University M-Club Alumni Association & Sports Hall of Fame

The Mississippi State University M-Club Alumni Association is an organization of former Mississippi State student-athletes. The purposes of the organization are as follows:
     - To unite the holders of athletic letter awards from Mississippi State University into an organization for the mutual benefit of the University and those attending
     - To foster and perpetuate a spirit of understanding and co-operation between the University, the student body, other alumni, and the general public
     - To promote the University by keeping informed on the policies, both athletic and academic, of the University
     - To improve the confidence of the general public in all endeavors of the University
     - To assist the University and the athletic department by encouraging the enrollment of outstanding student-athletes

The MSU Sports Hall of Fame, administered by the M-Club Alumni Association, is designed to honor those former student-athletes at Mississippi State who excelled in their respective sports while at MSU and have also demonstrated good citizenship and outstanding character since leaving Mississippi State. Eligibility requirements for nomination to the MSU Sports Hall of Fame are:
     - No individual shall be eligible for selection on the basis primarily of his/her record as a player until he/she shall have been out of college competition for at least five years
     - No individual shall be eligible for selection on the basis primarily of his/her record as a coach or athletic director or other individual identified in the public mind with Mississippi State athletics until he/she shall have been separated from the Athletic Department for at least three years
     - No former athlete shall be considered for selection unless he/she is an active member of the "M" Club

Visit the M-Club web site
View the M-Club Alumni Association Constitution
Submit an MSU Sports Hall of Fame nomination online now!

For more information on the MSU M-Club Alumni Association or MSU Sports Hall of Fame, please contact Wayne Madkin or Carl Nichols (601-927-3853). Both can be contacted via regular mail at: P.O. Box 2292, MSU, MS  39762.

The Mississippi State Sports Hall of Fame

Name Year
Sports Played/Staff
*C.H. "Pee Wee" Armstrong 1972 Baseball, Basketball, Football
William F. "Bill" Arnold 1985 Football
*James D. Ashmore 1974 Basketball
*John H. "Johnny" Baker, III 1987 Football
Wallace R. "Wally" Beach 1982 Football
*J.T. "Blondy" Black 1971 Football, Track & Field
Stan Black 2002 Football
W.H. Bobo 1972 Baseball, Football
John Bond 2005 Football
James A. "Jimmy" Bragan, Sr. 1983 Baseball
Elmo Branch 1995 Basketball, Track & Field
Frank N. "Twig" Branch 1981 Football
Polly Branch 1994 Basketball
Phillip "Lefty" Brandon 1982 Baseball
*Jeff Brantley 2003 Baseball
*Robert C. "Bobby" Brien 1981 Tennis
Ralph N. "Rabbit" Brown 1978 Baseball, Basketball, Football
Rickey Brown 2014 Basketball
*Ode Burrell 1995 Football
Rob Cadwallader 1994 Tennis
*C.B. "Buck" Cameron 1972 Basketball, Boxing, Football, Track & Field
*William Mack Cameron 1984 Tennis
H.H. "Babe" Carpenter 1971 Football, Track & Field
Wanda "Tutti" Calhoun Carter 1991 Basketball, Volleyball
R.E. "Slim" Cassibry 1975 Baseball, Basketball, Football
*Eugene B. Chadwick 1974 Baseball, Basketball, Football
William D. Chadwick 1974 Head Coach
Frank W. Chambers, Jr. 1978 Baseball, Basketball, Football
*Will Clark 2003 Baseball
Commodore S. Cochran 1997 Track & Field
*Bobby Collins 1999 Football
Glen Collins 2000 Football
*Johnie Cooks 1991 Football
*William Hunter Corhern 1973 Football
Ray Costict 2015 Football
*Daniel Courcol 2013 Tennis
*Jack Cristil 2003 Broadcaster
*H.M. "Hughie" Critz 1970 Baseball
Bobby Croswell 2001 Baseball
Erick Dampier 2015 Basketball
Lorenzo Daniel 2006 Track & Field
William Paul "Willie" Daniel 1986 Football, Track & Field
*Arthur Davis 1971 Football, Track & Field
*Harper Davis 1974 Football, Track & Field
H.P. "Punchy" Davis Jr. 1971 Boxing
Kermit Davis Sr. 2006 Men's Basketball (Player & Coach)
Wilbur G. Dees 1984 Football
Jimmy Lee Dodd 1979 Football
William G. "Bill" Dooley 1979 Football
Tifany McWilliams Dudley 2014 Track & Field
*Harold Easterwood 1970 Football
Humberto "Tito" Echiburu 1987 Tennis
John Allen Ellard 1977 Football
*Erwin B. "Buddy" Elrod 1971 Football
Charles "Dinky" Evans 2013 Football
Rockey Felker 1997 Football
*David M. "Boo" Ferriss 1970 Baseball
*Joe Fortunato 1972 Football
Garry Frank 2009 Football, Track & Field
Steve Freeman 2000 Football
*Tranny Lee Gaddy 1970 Basketball, Football, Track & Field
W.D. "Dub" Garrett 1999 Football
*K.P. Gatchell 1970 Basketball, Football, Track & Field
Benjamin Dale Gibson 1988 Track & Field
Joe Dan Gold 1996 Basketball
*Tom Goode 1976 Football
James E. "Shag" Goolsby 1979 Football
John Grace 2000 Baseball
Alex Grammas 1976 Baseball
Hoyle Granger 2008 Football
*Paul E. Gregory 1977 Baseball, Basketball, Football
Frank L. Gumpert, III 1983 Golf
George "Bubba" Hampton 1996 Football
James C. "Jerry" Harris 1973 Baseball, Basketball, Football
Wayne Harris 1998 Football
*Robert M. "Bob" Hartley 1990 Sports Information Director
E.C. "Billy" Hayes 1975 Head Coach (Football)
C. William "Bill" Hildebrand 1991 Football
Robert Clay Hopper 1970 Baseball, Football
Hillery E. Horne 1985 Football, Track & Field
Billy W. Howard 1978 Basketball, Football, Track & Field
*Bailey Howell 1971 Basketball
Harvey Hull 2010 Football
*Kent Hull 2000 Football
Don Hunt 1998 Track & Field, Head Coach (Track & Field)
*Doug Hutton 1995 Baseball, Basketball, Track & Field
*Joseph S. Iupe Jr. 1989 Golf
Mark Jeffrey 2005 Tennis
Morley "Topsey" Jennings 1976 Baseball, Basketball, Football, Track & Field
Floyd E. Johnson Jr. 2004 Baseball
Harvey Johnson 1977 Basketball, Football
Brantley Jones 2001 Baseball
Ellie B. "Old Lady" Jones 1973 Basketball, Football, Track & Field
Wayne Jones 1992 Football
Straton "Strat" Karatassos 2015 Administrator
Richard Keys 1994 Football
*Tyrone Keys 2002 Football
Jack Lazorko 1997 Baseball
*D.D. Lewis 1982 Football
H. Stennis "Judge" Little 1973 Baseball, Football
Werner J. "Dutch" Luchsinger 1984 Trainer
*Carl Maddox 1990 Athletic Director
*Jeff Malone 2011 Basketball
Dave Marler 1993 Football
*James H. "Babe" McCarthy 1975 Head Coach (Men's Basketball)
Mardye McDole 2001 Football
Lloyd C. McDougal, Jr. 1991 Baseball, Basketball, Football, Track & Field
*Allyn McKeen 1972 Head Coach (Football)
*T.E. "Shorty" McWilliams 1970 Football
John H. "Old Man" Meeks 1971 Football
Leland N. Mitchell 1986 Basketball
*William "Willie" Mitchell 1970 Baseball
Curtis R. "Curt" Monroe 2007 Baseball
Frank Montgomery 1999 Baseball
Eric Moulds 2015 Football
R.D. "Bob" Morrow 1973 Track & Field
Harry R. "Moon" Mullins 1976 Boxing
Billy J. "Spook" Murphy 1977 Baseball, Football
Daniel O. Murphy 2006 Baseball
*C.S. "Buddy" Myer 1972 Baseball, Basketball
Ben Nelson 1997 Golf
William R. "Bill" Nettles 2004 Basketball, Track & Field
*Thomas O. "Tom" Neville, Jr. 1982 Football
Sam Nichols, Jr. 2007 Football
*Jack C. Nix 1972 Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, Football
*C.R. "Dudy" Noble 1970 Baseball, Basketball, Football, Track & Field
Falilatu Ogunkoya 1998 Track & Field
Walter Packer 2005 Football
William C. Page 1980 Boxing, Football
*Rafael Palmeiro 2008 Baseball
William Pappenheimer 1976 Baseball, Basketball, Football
*Jackie Parker 1972 Baseball, Football
Robert B. "Tut" Patterson 1995 Football
H. Grady Perkins 1971 Basketball, Football, Tennis, Track & Field
Tommy Lee Pharr 1988 Football
*George D. Pillow 1971 Baseball, Basketball, Football, Track & Field
*Ron Polk 1998 Head Coach (Baseball)
L.B. Priester 1970 Track & Field
Graham Primrose 1983 Tennis
Mike Proffitt 1993 Baseball
Polly Branch Pund 1994 Basketball
J.N. "Bert" Reddoch 1994 Boxing, Football
Carleton M. "Bo" Reid 1982 Football
Sid Robinson 1970 Track & Field
*R.T. "Tom" Sawyer 1975 Head Coach (Men's Tennis)
*Don Magruder Scott 1970 Football, Track & Field
Jackie Sherrill 2011 Head Coach (Football)
Nat "Buck" Showalter 2002 Baseball
David Marvin Smith 1980 Football, Track & Field
*W.O. Spencer 1970 Cross Country, Track & Field
K.L. "Jimmy" Spurlock 1970 Football, Track & Field
*Billy Stacy 1970 Football, Track & Field
*H.L. "Hook" Stone 1970 Basketball, Football
W.O. "Willie" Stone 1974 Basketball, Football
*William D. "Red" Stroud 1989 Basketball
*Clyde "Heifer" Stuart 1970 Baseball, Football
*Scott Suber 1992 Football
*William Walter Suggs, Jr. 1989 Football
Debbie Dotson Swindoll 2007 Women's Tennis
Kenneth "Ken" Tatum 1994 Baseball
James A. "Jimmy" Taylor 1984 Cross Country, Track & Field
Leslie B. "Cy" Taylor 1977 Baseball, Basketball, Football
R.W. "Bobby" Thames 1971 Football
LaToya Thomas 2015 Basketball
Alexander Hugh Thomson 1989 Cross Country, Tennis, Track & Field
John R. Tripson 1972 Football
*Delbert B. "Del" Unser 1981 Baseball
Benjamin Coyte "Red" Vance 1980 Basketball
Dallas Vandevere 1976 Baseball, Football
*Fred J. Walters 1972 Baseball, Basketball, Football
Robert B. "Bernie" Ward 1992 Baseball, Basketball, Football
Pascal L. "Pat" Watson, Jr. 1984 Football
Lee Austin Watts 1996 Baseball
James R. "Jimmy" Webb 1990 Football
*Paul L. Wells 1970 Football, Track & Field
Harold W. "Doc" Wendler 1978 Trainer
Kellie Wilkerson 2010 Softball
David V. Williams 2004 Basketball
*Richard Williams 2010 Head Coach (Men's Basketball)
*William P. "Pat" Wilson 1970 Football
Glen Young 2009 Football

* - Also a member of the Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame



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