Welcome former Mississippi State student-athletes! We would like to reconnect with you!

MSU Athletics is seeking to update its database of former Bulldog and Lady Bulldogs athletes. To do so, we ask that you utilize our online "Dog Tag" system. Please visit this page if you already have a "Dog Tag" account number or need to create one.

Once you are logged in to your "Dog Tag" account, please make sure to provide the year(s) and sport(s) you competed in while a student-athlete at MSU in the "Sports Information" section. Your sport information is most important as it is the information we will use to contact our former players and teams about upcoming events, potential reunions, etc. To access the "Sports Information" section in your account, simply select "Account > My Profile" from the gray menu in your account after logging in. The "Sports Information" section is located halfway down your My Profile page.

In addition to providing your contact and sport information, you can also utilize the "Dog Tag" system to make donations to the Bulldog Club, order tickets, subscribe to Maroon to the Max and register youths for selected MSU camps throughout the year.

Also, please take time to connect with MSU Athletics on Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks for providing your history as a student-athlete at MSU and reconnecting with us today!