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Mississippi State Strength & Conditioning

MSU Strengh & Conditioning
Holliman Athletic Center
P.O. Box 5327
Mississippi State, MS 39762

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Quote of the Month
“Do the thing you fear the most, and the death of fear is certain." Mark Twain

Mission Statement
The mission of the strength and conditioning staff is to provide a well designed, collaborative training program based on sound physiological principles. Sport specific focus, experimentally proven methods, safe and productive physical training by means of a periodic plan will be our primary emphasis; with the goal of developing the most mentally and physically prepared teams in the country. Our plan will include periodized progressive overload with primary emphasis focused on maximizing effort and being the best we can be each day.  In order to maximize the physical and mental toughness potential of every student-athlete, our strength staff must provide the student-athletes with the best motivational and "hands on" strength and conditioning program in the country. Our goal is to have our student athletes take the field or the court healthy and in top physical condition with great effort and the competitive will to win every time they train, practice, and compete. In all areas of strength and conditioning, we are committed to the principles of character, ethical conduct, integrity and excellence.

Program Philosophy
- To develop mental and physical toughness. To train our athletes to be champions in everything they do. Use sport scientific training methods and a positive but demanding motivational atmosphere for training. The student-athletes will train in a competitive and challenging environment each day with their health and safety as top priority.

- To provide the student-athletes with a consistent, safe, and productive way of physical training.

- Devise a system following basic physiological principles of training using a direct, simple coaching approach measuring effort levels daily.

- Help guide the student-athlete to help reach their potential by setting goals and monitoring progress at all times and where accountability is a constant.

- All training protocols are designed and implemented with the same underlying structure to ensure cohesion. With the stability of such an umbrella structure, the programs can experience any potential personnel changes without adversely affecting the comprehensive system.



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