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Mississippi State Athletic Academics - Office & Services

The links and information below are provided to assist current Mississippi State student-athletes.

Study Hall and Tutoring Policies and Procedures
All new scholarship student-athletes will be required to complete study hall and/or tutoring hours during their first semester enrolled at Mississippi State University. The requirements are determined by your Athletic Academic Counselor based upon individual needs. Returning student-athletes may also be required to complete study hall and/or tutoring requirements based upon GPA, past academic performance, the difficulty level of the courses being taken, and individual needs. Counselors will make recommendations that will be discussed with the student-athlete's coach for approval.

Types of Study Hall & Tutoring Available
Weekly study hours are required based upon individual requirements and may consist of one or a combination of the following types of tutoring:
1. Open Study Hall -Students work independently in the Athletic Academic Center preparing daily for assignments, tests, and other material required by a professor.
2. Subject Tutoring - Subject area tutors are available to work with student-athletes in specific subject areas.
3. Personal Tutoring - Tutors work with individual student-athletes on a one-to-one basis in all subject areas in which the student is taking classes, and assist the student in developing study skills and planning weekly academic goals. All tutoring is located in the Templeton Athletic Academic Center.

Each student-athlete is responsible for completing his/her required number of hours for study hall and/or tutoring each week as determined by his/her academic counselor. The status of hours completed may be obtained from the Coordinator of Study Table/Tutorial Programs.

Things To Know While You Are In Study Hall And Tutoring Sessions:
• Any student-athlete who is not present in the proper location during the time indicated, automatically receives zero (0) study hall hours for that particular time period.
• Failure to dedicate your time in tutoring / study hall to appropriate studies will result in loss of all of your time for that study session, regardless of how much time has been accumulated during the session.
• Accumulating more time in one week than is required is certainly encouraged and will serve you well in your studies; however, that additional time will not "rollover" for use some other time.

Check-In and Check-Out Procedures:
• ALL STUDENT-ATHLETES MUST CHECK IN DOWNSTAIRS AT THE CHECK-IN DESK when checking in for study hall or tutoring with their MSU student ID. ALL STUDENT-ATHLETES MUST CHECK OUT AT CHECK-IN DESK when checking out of study hall or tutoring with their MSU student ID.

Role Of An Athletic Academic Counselor
Athletic Academic Counselors provide student-athletes with a variety of essential services and serve as a liaison between student-athletes and other university staff.  The counselors monitor each student-athlete's academic status with regard to MSU, SEC and NCAA rules and regulations.  All information collected through physical class checks, academic progress contacts, and study hall is simulated into reports and given to the coaching staff of each student-athlete.  The counselors work closely with the coaching staff to monitor student-athlete academic progress. Counselors also attempt to coordinate class and practice schedules in an effort to minimize conflicts.  In addition to academic support, counselors also provide personal support since they are well acquainted with time pressures and competitive stress under which collegiate athletes must exist.

New Student-Athlete Orientation
New student-athletes are given an academic orientation in August of each school year by the Athletic Academic Staff and are given a summary of the services provided by the Academic Office. Members of the academic staff provide information to student-athletes on how to be success during their first semester at MSU.


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