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Mississippi State Athletic Academics - Current Student-Athletes 

The links and information below are provided to assist Mississippi State's current student-athletes and answer any questions they may have.

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Important Information For Current MSU Student-Athletes
• Classroom Attendance Policy
• MSU Office of Compliance & Links to NCAA


Loan of Course-Related Books - (Book Scholarship)
It is necessary for those of you who have been awarded the use of course-related books to follow the procedures outlined below to secure those materials.
1. At the beginning of each semester, required textbooks will be issued for courses listed on the athlete's schedule of classes.
2. Additional books required as a result of course changes, drop/add changes, or individual class requirements can be obtained by showing a course syllabus indicating required textbooks. The student-athlete will be given a book voucher and should go to the Barnes and Noble bookstore (on campus) to pick up his or her books. If for any reason the Bookstore does not have a book that is needed for a course, the student-athlete can purchase the book(s) from another location. If these procedures are followed, you can be reimbursed for the books if you present a cash register receipt, a syllabus indicating that this is a required book, and your schedule to the Athletic Academic Office. Before purchasing a book from off campus, please inform the Athletic Academic Textbook Coordinator for approval. The Athletic Academic Office will keep a record of all books issued to the student athlete.

Anything issued to the student-athlete including books, study guides, access codes, clickers and compact discs are to be returned at the end of the semester including any/all books that students have been reimbursed for. You must pay for all lost or stolen books by the last day that books are due at the end of the semester for which the books were issued. Failure to do so will result in the student being placed on University Hold, which can prevent scheduling of classes for the next upcoming semester and the withholding of scholarship funds.

Loan of Athletic Academic Department Laptop Computers, Calculators, Cameras and Translator Pens (Scholarship Athletes)
The MSU Athletic Academics Office has laptop computers, high-grade calculators, and other pieces of special course-related equipment that may be checked out during the academic school year. These computers and other equipment are to be used exclusively for academic matters and are NOT intended for recreational use. In order to check out a laptop computer, calculator, or other piece of equipment, the student-athlete must see their athletic academic counselor. The student-athlete is responsible for the laptop computers, calculators, and other equipment they have out on loan if they are lost, damaged or stolen.

Keeping A Textbook
If a student-athlete feels that a particular textbook will be helpful to him/her in the furtherance of their education and/or chosen career, he/she may request to keep a textbook by filling out a Student-Athlete Request To Keep Textbook form, a copy of the form can be obtained from the Athletic Academic Textbook Coordinator. The requirements that must be met in order for a student-athlete to keep a textbook are:
• Must be a Junior or Senior level student-athlete
• Must be a textbook used for a 3000 or above level class
• Must be a book that is used in the student-athlete's major course of study
• The value of the book(s) to be kept must not exceed $200.00 total
• The proper form, complete with the proper signatures, must be filled out and turned in to the textbook coordinator prior to the last day to withdraw from the university for that semester.

Any textbooks received by the student-athlete through this policy are NOT for resale or individual monetary gain.

Role Of An Athletic Academic Counselor
Athletic Academic Counselors provide student-athletes with a variety of essential services and serve as a liaison between student-athletes and other university staff.  The counselors monitor each student-athlete's academic status with regard to MSU, SEC and NCAA rules and regulations.  All information collected through physical class checks, academic progress contacts, and study hall is simulated into reports and given to the coaching staff of each student-athlete.  The counselors work closely with the coaching staff to monitor student-athlete academic progress. Counselors also attempt to coordinate class and practice schedules in an effort to minimize conflicts.  In addition to academic support, counselors also provide personal support since they are well acquainted with time pressures and competitive stress under which collegiate athletes must exist.

Prep Day
Each Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters, one day is designated, prior to the start of classes, is designate as Prep Day. This day typically occurs the business day prior to the first day of school. All student-athletes, returning, new, fifth year, and managers, are required to attend this day.

Prep Day activities consist of:
• Meeting with athletic academic counselor for their Fall 2009 class schedules, completing some mandatory forms, and receiving their study hall/tutoring assignments if applicable.
• Those student-athletes on textbook scholarship will pick up a textbook voucher from their academic counselor and take it to Barnes & Noble Bookstore.
• At Barnes & Noble they will turn in their book voucher to academic counselor Vic Parker and then pick up their Fall '09 textbooks.
• Each student-athlete's books will be boxed and grouped by his/her sport. The student-athlete must show a picture I.D. in order to receive his/her textbooks.

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