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Photo Gallery: Old Waverly Golf Club 2/8/2013
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  • 682 1024 Hole 1 // Par 4 // Hole one is fairly open and straight, but becomes narrow closer to the green as Lake Azalea comes into play. The putting surface has two bunkers to the right and one on the left. 207759946 hailstate.com
    682 1024 Hole 2 // Par 5 // Hole two bends to the right, but should provide opportunities for red numbers. The green is shielded by just a couple of bunkers to the front. 207759955 hailstate.com
    682 1024 Hole 3 // Par 3 // Hole three is the simplest par three on the course. With a small bunker on the front righthand side and one to the left, look for players to be agressive on this hole. 207759956 hailstate.com
    682 1024 Hole 4 // Par 4 // Hole four is one of the lengthier par fours on the course. The putting surface is shelterd by a bunker to the right. 207759957 hailstate.com
    682 1024 Hole 5 // Par 4 // Hole five is in the middle of three straight par fours. The green is protected by a couple of bunkers of the front. 207759958 hailstate.com
    682 1024 Hole 6 // Par 4 // Hole six is a short par four that bends to the right. The green is protected by a stream piercing the fairway. Players cannot land the ball short on this hole. 207759959 hailstate.com
    682 1024 Hole 7 // Par 3 // Hole seven is one of the most picturesque on the front nine. The par three is sliced by a stream with minimal bunkers coming into play. 207759960 hailstate.com
    682 1024 Hole 8 // Par 4 // Hole eight will test players shot selection and accuracy. Eleven bunkers line the fairway and surround the green. An errant shot can prove costly. 207759961 hailstate.com
  • 682 1024 Hole 9 // Par 5 // Hole nine is the second-longest hole on the course. With multiple bunkers along the fairway, the green is surrounded by four bunkers. 207759962 hailstate.com
    682 1024 Hole 10 // Par 5 // Hole 10 dog-legs from right to left. A grouping of bunkers to the left and Lake Waverly to right will test players’ second shot. 207759947 hailstate.com
    682 1024 Hole 11 // Par 4 // Hole 11’s fairway is interrupted Lake Waverly just before the green. Players will be forced to find a narrow and short fairway. 207759948 hailstate.com
    682 1024 Hole 12 // Par 3 // Hole 12 is the shortest par three on the course, but is heavily sheltered by five bunkers and a water hazard. 207759949 hailstate.com
    682 1024 Hole 13 // Par 4 // Hole 13 is a long and straight par four. The fairway is bunkered to the right by a large bunker. Only one bunker to the left comes into play near the green. 207759950 hailstate.com
    682 1024 Hole 14 // Par 4 // Hole 14 provides players with a birdie opportunity is they can manage the split fairway. The green is heavily sheltered by a large bunker to the front. 207759951 hailstate.com
    682 1024 Hole 15 // Par 5 // Hole 15 should warm players up for the final three-hole stretch. With minimal bunkers and Pecan Lake coming into play, players will need to take advantage of this par five. 207759952 hailstate.com
    682 1024 Hole 16 // Par 4 // Hole 16 is a short par four, but players’ tee shots must clear Lake Camilia and bunker before reaching the fairway. The green is nestled into a cove of trees with only one bunker. 207759953 hailstate.com
  • 682 1024 Hole 17 // Par 3 // Hole 17 is the most challenging par three on the course.With Lake Waverly seperating the tee from the green, players must navigate a green that is completely shielded by bunkers. 207759954 hailstate.com
    640 1024 Hole 18 // Par 4 // Hole 18 is heralded as one of the best finishing holes in the south. Players will be forced to avoid Lake Waverly to the left and bunkers to the right. The green is protected by seven bunkers, not to mention the lake. With the green nestled down a hill from the club house, hole 18 will provide spectators a great view as teams complete the back nine. 206974072 hailstate.com